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Katie the Artist - Founder of Art Class Brisbane


Brisbane Artist Katie McErlean commenced her formal studies at Queensland College of Art studying Fine Art. From there, Katie has enjoyed a long,  rewarding and enjoyable creative career working as an Illustrator and Designer for major Australian News Papers such as Brisbane Courier Mail, Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian Newspaper's.  


A move back to Qld took Katie into Television working at channel 9 & 7, on news graphics and children's television programs in the 90's.

Katie was always long hearing the call back to visual art, things never felt right without me fully encompassing my art. Katie then came full circle back to her first love, visual art and has stayed true to her passion ever since. 

Katie has exhibited her Art Works in many group and solo exhibitions selling both nationally and internationally! She has three favorite charities she donates and works with regularly in the Abused Child Trust and Leukemia Foundation.


Now a devoted wife; and mother to three lively boys, when isn't covered in paint or sharing her love of art to others is teaching art and illustrations to  Brisbane Kids (and Adults!) at her Studio 'Art Class Brisbane' located now in shop 12b/18 Chrome Street Salisbury, 4107.


As Katie says: "Kids are creating the future for us right now. The most important thing in this world is to be supported and encouraged in your passions! I was lucky enough to have this support and encouragement and feel honoured to pass this gift onto many young creatives today!".

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