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Saturday June 22 - Wednesday July 3
Holiday workshops

Studio 12b//18 Chrome Street
Salisbury Brisbane

From ages 6 plus years - the whole family
are welcome to participate.


​Acrylic Paintings are all done with a basic pre sketch on canvas, this is by no means a paint by numbers style of workshop, this just helps time in the workshop.

All colour choices are yours to decide or follow the Artist lead process.

Professional Artist Katie McErlean will lead students

through these workshops sharing her gift and love of art, her techniques in a fun nuturing environment.

Clay sessions are all air dried clay with the finest Walkers air dry clay- studio quality clay, there will be no

painting of clay in these sessions.


  • Sat June 22, 9.30am paint your pet (Acrylic Paint)

  • Sun June 23, 9.30am Peacocks (Acrylic Paint)

  • Mon June 24, 9.30am Lion Face (Acrylic Paint)

  • Tues June 25, 9.30am Animal Pots air dry clay (Air dry clay)

  • Wed June 26, 9.30am dragon paint pen (Acrylic Paint/ Posca)

  • Thurs June 27, 9.30am Toucans (Acrylic Paint)

  • Friday June 28, butterfly splat (Acrylic Paint)

  • Mon July 1, 9.30am Cockatoo Paint (Acrylic Paint)

  • Tues July 2, 9.30am bunny rabbit splat (Acrylic Paint)

  • Tues July 2, 1.30pm character clay (Air dry clay)

  • Wed July 4 , 9.30am Sunflower paint (Acrylic Paint)

We understand some students may be anxious and we have a small
parents' space for you to wait while in the studio, please don't take up other student's spaces, if you wish to purchase a ticket please do so and enjoy this experience with your child and help support a small business along the way.

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Artist Katie McErlean


Bunny Splat



Clay Pots or Clay Sculpt

Paint your Pet       Cockatoo            Dragon Paint


Butterfly Splat


Art Class Studio Salisbury

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