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Art Classes Brisbane 
Frequently Asked Questions and Terms & Conditions

What should I/we/they wear?


Art Class Brisbane is working Art Studio. Wear something you feel comfortable in however best if its not one of your 'best'! We provide waterproof, art/painting aprons to help protect clothing and also use professional high quality acrylic paints. Therefore, dependent on the material and colour of your clothing coupled with the paint colour you have chosen for your work it may not come out! Very long story short... its definitely best to wear something you don’t mind getting a bit of paint on.

...one of our (many) motto's in the studio is DRESS FOR A MESS :)

Some party groups do like to kick on after their Class and head into the city or one of the 'locals'. If this sounds like you, pop your party clothes into your bag and freshen up before heading off! The rest room facilities have ample room to change etc! 

Can I leave my painting Studio to dry?

If you are unable to take your painting with you, please ensure your name and date painted are attached (or written on the back) and we are happy for you to leave it with us to dry and set. Please note though that due to space constraints we are only able to hold paintings for a maximum of 7 days. Any paintings or bags not picked up after 7 days will be recycled. Please be sure to return for your painting to avoid disappointment!

Can I purchase wine?


We are a BYO venue only, so don’t forget to bring your favourite beverage if you choose to.. We supply glassware and have a small bar fridge but it is first in first served for fridge space and we recommend bringing a cooler bag or similar to keep your drinks chilled.

I don't drink wine. Can I bring other types of drinks?


You are welcome to bring along cider, beer, and of course any non-alcoholic beverages (we do supply water in jugs and glassware). No Spirits though please.

Drinking Responsibly

Whilst we always wish for everyone to enjoy themselves in our classes (and 99.9% certainly do). We do need to remind that you are 100% responsible for your alcohol consumption, personal property and behaviour; before during and after the Class.

Art Class Brisbane does not encourage underage drinking, drinking to excess or drink driving.

Any bad behaviour won't be tolerated. Management reserves the right to close the event and you forfeit your payment should they deem any clients to be a threat to themselves or others. Art Class studio is in a residental zoned area, so all music or domestic noise will need to cease by 10pm.

Can I bring food/nibbles?


Of course! Due to Class time constraints, if you choose to bring cheeses etc to share with your friends we just ask that you prepare/plate them prior to your arrival so we can commence our Class on time. We also ask that you take all left over food/rubbish etc with you after the Class. We do not have a dishwasher or food prep areas on site and cannot take responsibility for any foods consumed that are brought in by Students. 


I have booked out the Venue for my Party/Hens. Are you able to arrange food/decorations or entertainment?


Art Class are very fortunate to have some highly regarded and recommended preferred local individuals and businesses who are able to prepare, deliver, set up and tidy up some delectable and beautifully displayed:




We also work closely with some extremely talented creatives and can help you to arrange many things to really make your night POP!


These include:




Please speak directly with Katie in the first instance in regards to any of the above mentioned external arrangements. They are add on experiences to an already fabulous event and have been tried and tested many times at Art Class Studio's events of all sizes with glowing reports on all fronts and are our preferred outArt Class has worked with these companies closely over a long period and are our preferred outsourced companies due to their quality, pricing and knowledge of bump in bump out if this is something that you are looking into.

How old do you need to be to attend a Paint and Sip Class?


Our public and private sessions where alcohol is being consumed is18+, therefore children are not permitted in these sessions. We do though hold many Child friendly Classes as follows:

  • TERM TIME ART CLUB - This is a weekly after school class aimed at primary school students.

  • PAINT AND POP! - This is a great class for the 5-12 age group held regularly throughout the year generally on a Saturday.

  • FAMILY PAINT - Sessions for you to paint along with your kids creating a family heirloom to enjoy for years to come. 

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my booking anytime except for school holiday bookings?


You may reschedule your booking up to 48 hours before your Class (or up to 10 days before your session for groups of 10 or more people) free of charge. In the rare event that you contact us to reschedule your booking before these times but do not receive a response, we will honour this agreement based on the time you made contact (phone and emails details listed below). If less thank 48 hours notice is given a percentage of your ticket price will be forfeited.

Should something unexpected come up and you need to completley cancel please ensure this is within 48 hours (or within one week for groups of 10 or more people), there is a fee of $20 per seat. If less thank 48 hours notice unfortunately your full ticket price will be forfeited.

Thank you for understanding that we cannot refund ‘no call/no shows’ due to the work we have to do in preparation for each class, goods specifically purchased, extra staffing costs etc.

- Terms and conditions for school holidays from 2021 onwards

First and foremost we wouldn't be here without you, so Art Class is always endeavoring to keep our customers happy, and we are always humbled by your support.

As a family run small business we understand, things often do and will happen, things often out of our control. However for our small business to sustain and kept presenting our product we need to put some rules in place. 

Especially in these unprecedented times -  


All our classes are pre booked, pre drawn canvases and pre organised paint palate colours, this is what makes us unique, but it also leaves us vulnerable to wastage which isn't sustainable. There is a lot of prep work that goes on behind the scenes.

There will be no credits or refunds on school holiday bookings 

In lieu of any classes which cannot be attended for any reason, COVID Lockdowns, illness, family or personal, transport issues etc after which they have been booked and paid for in advance will be honouring this payment with a Home Pack (with video tutorial emailed to your email address) and all materials including brushes) which can be collected from the Art Class studio up to
14 days past the booking date.

Why 14days to collect or accept home pack?
Art Class  simply doesn't have the storage room to keep surplus supplies longer than this.


This allows time to organise collection or we can organise postage for a fee / contact us and we can provide a code for you to purchase your pack online and pay postage should this be your choice of delivery instead of collection.