Sketch Club
Term 2 - Tuesdays, 4pm - 5pm
8 week program 
Ages 7-12 years

Learn how to Draw or Improve Your Skills with Our sketch classes, developed by Artist Katie McErlean who worked commercially as an illustrator. High Quality Art Materials with everything you need to Get You Started. These drawing classes are perfect for the beginner or the more advanced junior sketch artist.


Each of our art classes is built for creativity and self-expression. We provide guidance along the way, helping students explore their ideas through different techniques and media.


The practical skills give students confidence in expressing their thoughts and communicating effectively. The course will also expand the students’ knowledge of the art world. 

Students will have fun making art in a relaxing environment. Students get to experience different forms of visual art. Being familiar with the materials helps them build confidence in using different media. It expands their minds, allowing them to make connections and become creative. 


Sorry No Casual Bookings available - Max of 10 students per class to enable  one-on-one guidance and dedicated individual focus for all Art Students. Private lessons available by appointment 

Course is $360 for an 8 week program.