Paint and Sip with a Twist - Tote Bag Series


Come and uncork your creativity with our FUN NEW addition to our Paint and Sip evenings!


The concept is the same but instead of creating a materpeice to hang on your wall, this one sits well on your arm! that being your own unique painted Tote Bag. The perfect alternative to reusable plastic bags or the mass produced versions from the big supermarkets.

You simply book a session for minimum of 10 - maximum of 20 people, with the selected painted
tote series.


Once you’re at the studio, everything else will be taken care of, from wine glasses and easels to acrylic paint - and an apron to protect your clothes. On that note, don’t catch yourself showing up in all white, because wine + paint = ruined white shirt #justsayin.




There are litterally millions of reasons to stop using plastic bags.


An estimated one million birds, 100,000 turtles, and countless other sea animals die each year from ingesting plastic. The animals confuse floating bags and plastic particles for edible sea life such as jellyfish and plankton. 


Once ingested, the plastic blocks the digestive tract and the animals starve to death. Other animals drown after becoming entangled in plastic waste.