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Painting classes from ages 6 - 16 years
Join artist Katie McErlean for a 9-week term program of pure painting joy!  Whether you're 6 - 16 this session is for you. These classes are to give students the space to creative, tap out of the stresses of school and encourage some mindfulness in the creative arts. Be mentored by professional artist Katie McErlean in a nuturing environment,
these classes are perfect for anyone who simply wishes to paint, and their weekly schedule is packed to the brim, these classes will create a space to focus and wind down.
Each week, you'll receive a 50 cm x 40cm canvas and a theme to explore or follow your own artistic vision. Get ready to enter the fun world of acrylic painting, be mentored, and be inspired!  Katie loves her paint, so this is truely an immerse in the world of the artist workshop experience.

Term 2, 2024 from Sunday April 21, 9.30am

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