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Mandala Meditations

Sunday Mornings in the beautiful Art Class Studio.
Create a meaningful piece of art created from your heART. Be guided by your intuition and creative being, exploring different art techniques to create your unique Mandala.

You get to choose your own acrylic and water colours, gold foil paint, round canvas 40cm or 50cm x 40cm rectangular canvas.

Have you been feeling anxious and stressed? Is your body tense and are you having trouble concentrating? There are several ways to relieve stress and anxiety, including creating beautiful Mandala art.

In Sanskrit mandala means “magic or sacred circle”, representing the dynamic between man, the cosmos and the divine. The process of drawing Mandalas has numerous therapeutic benefits, as it is a form of active meditation and self-therapy that helps in the process of self-knowledge.

In this workshop, you will learn how to draw mandalas in a very simple and practical way, so you can connect with all the benefits it offers. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to draw, this workshop is for all levels 🙂 Come with an open heart and a smile on your face and we guarantee you will love it

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